Lady Gaga and Oreo Create Chromatica Cookie 2024

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Lady Gaga and Oreo Create Chromatica Cookie

Lady Gaga and Oreo have joined forces to launch a limited-edition pink cookie inspired by her latest album, Chromatica. These delicious treats can now be purchased across the country.

To celebrate, Oreo launched a Twitter scavenger hunt, posting clues from their official account every hour. Each clue is inspired by Chromatica and helps Little Monsters locate Oreo x Lady Gaga products in stores.


Lady Gaga fans may recall the limited-edition Oreos released in late December. This collaboration between Oreo and Lady Gaga marked an exciting milestone; it featured a pink-and-green color scheme inspired by her album Chromatica, which released last year.

These cookies, shaped like the Oreo logo, come in six-cookie packs or full boxes. Made with a pinkish golden Oreo with green creme filling and featuring designs inspired by the album on the wafers, they can be purchased on Oreo’s website.

To celebrate the release of these cookies, Oreo joined forces with Lady Gaga and launched a Twitter scavenger hunt that will run until Thursday. Participants in the hunt can win pink packs of Oreos signed by Gaga valued at $125 by solving digital clues posted hourly on Oreo’s Twitter account.

This scavenger hunt is part of Oreo’s “Sing It With Oreo” campaign to promote kindness that began in December and runs until April 2021. Customers are encouraged to send musical messages of kindness using the Oreo QR code on the package, plus enter a contest for Lady Gaga swag and experiences.

To participate in the scavenger hunt, entrants must reply to each tweet with an accurate answer and tag #ChromaticaCookieHunt, #sweepstakes and @Oreo. The first 50 people who find all of the clues will receive a pink pack of Oreos stamped with a copy of Chromatica.

These cookies are available nationwide while supplies last. To be the first to know when these cookies go on sale, sign up for the Oreo x Lady Gaga Stan Club – it’s free and you’ll get updates on when the cookies become available as well as information regarding the collaboration between Oreo and Lady Gaga.

The Oreo x Lady Gaga collaboration is a huge hit, so be prepared to see it everywhere. These cookies will be sold in retail stores and online with packages ranging from $6 for six cookies or $10 for a full pack – both resealable so your cookies stay fresh while you enjoy them.


Food icon Oreo has taken a bold step by joining forces with Lady Gaga to create an exclusive cookie inspired by her latest album, Chromatica. These limited-edition Chromatica-themed Oreos feature pink Golden Oreo wafers with green-colored creme sandwiched between, while the cookie portion is embossed with designs inspired by the album cover.

Cookies have just gone on sale in the United States and Canada, with the aim of spreading musical messages of kindness. Fans are eager to get their hands on them – don’t miss out!

Oreo has announced the launch of their colorful cookies with a new campaign, and fans are already getting involved. On their “Sing It With Oreo” website, fans can record their own music messages and send them to those they care about – these messages will then be turned into songs which can then be shared on social media channels.

If you’re curious to try these Oreos, the good news is they taste just like a regular Oreo with no artificial dye or smell. Plus, the flavor is slightly sweeter and smoother than usual Oreos.

Beginning January 2021, you can purchase Lady Gaga-inspired pink Chromatica Oreos at participating grocery stores in both six-pack and full size packages. According to Oreo, these cookies will be resealable so they stay fresh until you’re ready to eat them.

Lady Gaga recently collaborated with Oreo to introduce Chromatica-themed cookies that can be purchased across America and Canada. With these Oreos, Lady Gaga hopes to spread musical messages of kindness through a scavenger hunt on Twitter. The neon pink Oreos feature metallic packaging matching their inside hue – perfect for gift giving!


Oreo, the American sandwich cookie brand, is teaming up with pop star Lady Gaga to release a limited-edition version of their cookies inspired by her album Chromatica, featuring the hit song “Little Monsters.” As part of an exciting promotion at convenience stores and online, Oreo is selling six cookie sampler packs at discounted prices.

According to details emailed to Marketing Dive, these cookies feature pink-hued Golden Oreo wafers filled with green creme in a design inspired by the artist’s latest album. Furthermore, they’re embossed with designs associated with its release.

These cookies look just like regular Golden Oreos, except for their colors. They have a soft and delicious filling, no discernible dye in the creme, and taste just like our beloved chocolate-flavored Oreos!

Though its unique pink and green coloring may lead some people to believe the filling is artificially colored, Oreo assures us it is not. The vibrant shade is actually a recreation of a green dye used on berries – making for an irresistibly soft filling that doesn’t taste artificial at all.

These Oreos aren’t too thick, so they rip apart more easily than regular Oreos do. Whether or not you like to twist them, these cookies make a fun treat to enjoy with some cold milk.

Lady Gaga Oreos are now available nationwide in both six-cookie sampler packs and full packs containing 24 cookies each. To celebrate their arrival, Oreo is hosting a Twitter scavenger hunt with new clues posted hourly.

There can be no doubt that Oreo and Lady Gaga are embarking on an incredible collaboration. The two artists have expressed their enthusiasm for using music to unite people, and this new cookie is a continuation of that theme.

Oreo is also encouraging consumers to “Sing It With Oreo.” This campaign allows customers to send inspirational musical messages (dubbed “OREOgrams”) via website. These will then be transformed into a fun song for sharing on social media channels. Plus, winners will receive merchandise and experiences such as a flyaway concert with Gaga (pending COVID-19 restrictions)!

Oreo cookies have long been renowned for their inventive packaging and diverse flavor options. Recently, they’ve released Oreo Mint and Oreo Golden varieties. The Lady Gaga Oreos feature a special pink Golden Cookie with green creme that matches her recent album Chromatica’s berry hue.


In late January, Oreo joined forces with singer Lady Gaga to launch limited-edition pink and green Chromatica-themed Oreo cookies that have become a worldwide trend. These pink-hued golden wafers feature green creme and embossed designs inspired by Gaga’s new album Chromatica.

Lady Gaga Oreos may not be a classic Oreo flavor, but they’re still plenty tasty nonetheless. The taste is similar to that of a Golden Cookie but the texture is smoother than typical Oreo cream. Additionally, these cookies have been re-branded with Chromatica album cover image, “Stupid Love” heart icon and the word Chromatica replacing their usual Oreo logo.

These rebranded cookies aren’t the first time Oreo has collaborated with a major celebrity, though it was their most personally endorsed product to date. Gaga first endorsed Diet Coke back in early 2020; however, her campaign was much more subdued than her Oreo efforts were.

Rebranding Oreo was done in partnership with Oreo’s agency of record The Martin Agency, MediaMonks as lead production partner and 360i on social media. The overall goal was to demonstrate Oreo’s dedication to inclusivity in a fun yet thoughtful manner.

According to The Martin Agency, Oreo’s rebrand was inspired by “the idea of ‘Chromatica,’ in which nothing is superior.” To convey this notion, their cookies featured a hot pink background with LADY GAGA written across the front and a silver ‘chromatica’ logo.

There were even some ‘Chromatica-themed’ sprinkles on the outside of the cookie. Furthermore, the green creme inside Oreos was smoother than usual – an advantage since these cookies were easier to eat and twist apart than usual Oreo cookies.

In addition to Chromatica-themed Oreos, Gaga and Oreo have launched a campaign called “Sing It With Oreo.” Fans can send musical messages (known as Oreograms) to friends and family while entering them for prizes like meet-and-greet opportunities. Furthermore, Oreo has introduced its newest ‘Eat Your Rainbow’ campaign where consumers can customize their cookies with eight creme color options (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink or white), five packaging choices and sprinkle choices.

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The Sexiest Costumes Ever Worn by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a fashion icon with an edgy, sexy side. With each new album release, she keeps us guessing as to her style which often changes dramatically over the years.

We’ve seen her don a variety of costumes, from raw meat dresses to jackets emblazoned with Kermit-the-Frog artwork. But are her looks mere cynical provocations or artistic statements?

1. The Meat Dress

Gaga has always donned some daring and iconic looks in her career, but one that stands out the most is her meat dress from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Crafted out of flank steak, this outfit served as her protest against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding gay veterans.

Franc Fernandez designed the costume, while Dazed’s former creative director Nicola Formichetti styled it. Though controversial at the time, this look became an iconic red carpet staple and inspired other politically-minded looks in the years to come.

In 2011, Gaga’s dress was displayed at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and now resides within her Haus of Gaga museum in Las Vegas, preserved using a process similar to beef jerky preservation.

For over a decade, Lady Gaga’s iconic meat dress continues to draw plenty of attention. It is even part of their permanent exhibit at MoMA and one that many will remember forever. Recently she even spoke with British Vogue about some of her most iconic looks — including that iconic meat dress!

2. The Eyes of the Angel

Last night at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Gaga donned a white leather jacket featuring angel wings. But she also rocked an equally traditional costume in a black dress from Giuseppe di Morabito that channeled her House of Gucci character Patrizia Reggiani with puffy ’80s sleeves and botanical print.

Even before Gaga released her debut album, The Fame, she had already established the glitter-glam aesthetic. At Lollapalooza in 2007, Gaga donned a homemade disco-mirror bra with black panties and an accent belt.

The singer-songwriter took her fashion style to a new level with the music video for “Telephone,” in which she transformed itself into an inmate in a women’s prison. She donned chains, sunglasses covered in cigarettes, Diet Coke cans as hair rollers and wrapped herself tightly in police tape throughout the clip.

Gaga’s daring style isn’t just for red carpets: She’s been providing major outfit inspiration on her latest tour, which sees her perform live at Radio City Hall with Tony Bennett. Her looks include a one-shoulder yellow fishnet dress from Nicopanda and an sleeveless floral-patterned gown featuring an asymmetric hemline and side tag detail from Joyrich’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

3. The Three-Layer Cake

Costume Lady Ga Ga is an iconic performer renowned for her daring fashion choices. She’s known to push boundaries of what is acceptable and has donned everything from meat dresses to see-through shirts.

At the 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards, she donned an ensemble made up of multiple pieces – and it looked stunning. The gown boasted a dramatic mermaid train and delicate lace accents.

Gucci created this collection, designed by Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador.

At this year’s Grammys, Gaga donned a custom dress featuring black pasties, lace turtleneck shrug and yellow skirt. She accessorized with diamond earrings and necklace from Tiffany & Co.

4. The Snow Bunny

A snow bunny is a woman who enjoys skiing and often refers to herself as either a playboy bunny or ski model. This term originated in the 1950s as an informal way of referring to someone with limited experience on skis; it still connotes youthful inexperience on the slopes today.

Since then, however, the term has evolved into a playful descriptor for any attractive woman. It has been used to refer to various groups of people including young girls and interracial couples alike.

Men may refer to a beautiful white woman they admire as “a snow bunny,” even if the term carries with it racialized and sexist connotations. Or they might use the term to refer to an attractive black woman who finds attraction in white men.

Lady Gaga donned this simple yet iconic costume for her 2009 Telephone video. It quickly gained worldwide renown among Lady Gaga’s devoted followers around the world.

Create this look yourself by shopping for an egg bodysuit online or at your local costume store. Amazon currently has this bodysuit priced at $5.99 and you’ll also need a soda can wig to complete the ensemble.

5. The Punk Rocker

Lady Gaga debuted her Chromatica Ball tour with a series of eye-catching costumes inspired by cyberpunk, science-fiction and punk rock genres. She donned a black PVC bodysuit with mask that looked like Predator, along with another costume that could have been from 1987’s RoboCop movie.

The singer accessorized her costumes with long black gloves reminiscent of Freddy Krueger’s razor glove from Nightmare on Elm Street films. Additionally, she donned a pair of high-heeled boots to complete her ensemble, showing that she hasn’t lost her love for extreme fashion.

Though this look may be a little daring for everyday wear, it serves as an inspiring example of how music and fashion industries can come together to create something truly special. Gaga’s look pays homage to her musical and cinematic influences while incorporating her unique personality with 2020 vision.

6. The Biker Girl

Lady gaga loves to dress as the sultry biker chick when dressing for Halloween. These women enjoy riding their motorcycle and being on the open road, plus they don’t mind being independent and not behaving as traditional girls do.

Gaga has always been a fan of Alexander McQueen, so it wasn’t surprising that she would choose one of their custom creations for her Chromatica Ball tour. Her first outfit featured a cropped leather jacket adorned with leather eyelets and crystal harness embroidery – truly an eye-catching statement piece if we’ve ever seen one!

She then donned another McQueen dress, this one featuring matte black leather and chunky crystals. She accessorized this ensemble with matching sunglasses and knee-high red patent high heeled boots before taking to the stage to perform Bad Romance.

In addition to her custom Alexander McQueen dresses, the singer has worn pieces from Gareth Pugh and Hon Atelier during this tour. Additionally, she wears her signature Pleaser stripper boots.

7. The Poker Face

Lady Gaga’s iconic costume, The Poker Face, has become a worldwide phenomenon. The song featured Gaga having fun while playing strip poker in her music video which has reached number one on charts around the world.

The phrase “poker face” has many interpretations and can convey various meanings, but its primary connotation is an impassive expression masking one’s true emotions. First coined in the 1870s, this expression is commonly employed during games of poker where players attempt to fool other players into thinking they possess different cards than what actually holds by keeping their faces devoid of emotion.

Lady Gaga made her 2008 debut album, The Fame, famous with the hit song “Poker Face.” In the video for the song, Gaga sang along to the tune while wearing various outfits and dancing along to its rhythm.

Gaga often wears a set of crystal glasses shaped like the letters P, A, and E during her live performances. She alternates between yellow glasses and lavender ones during these moments.

voce viva lady gaga

Lady Gaga and Voce Viva

Lady Gaga is not only an accomplished singer and actress, but she’s also the face of Valentino’s newest fragrance, Voce Viva. Created by Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli with assistance from their beauty team, Voce Viva serves to embody Valentino’s values of inclusivity and individuality.

Piccioli created this fragrance with the hope of spreading a message of inspiration around the world (voc is voice in Italian), motivating everyone to chase their dreams. Lady Gaga was an ideal fit for this role; she personifies freedom, self-awareness and an unbounded heart.


Over her six-year career, Lady Gaga has reinvented both her image and music multiple times. The result has been a series of captivating performances that paint an expansive portrait of her as an indomitable artist who defies categorization.

Her voice has always been a powerful force, but on her latest album Joanne she’s found an inner peace and vulnerability. As a true woman now, her art is more honest than ever before — a testament to all the restless, rebellious women she’s inspired over time.

She has the unique gift of crafting songs that seem timeless classics, and this is no exception with “Chromatica I,” the opening track on her upcoming sixth studio album. Co-composed with Morgan Kibby, its orchestral intro conjures up images and emotions like windswept landscapes, human accomplishment, and time’s fleeting passage.

Chromatica is Gaga’s most ambitious song yet, conjuring up an array of images and emotions. It also serves as her most empowering piece yet, featuring her signature husky tone that conveys all her power regardless of circumstance.

No surprise that Gaga has had such an immense influence over generations of counterculture pop artists: her songs are powerful and deeply felt, delivered with her signature raw vocals and lyrics as blunt as they come. Her performances often feel more intimate than they appear onstage, giving fans a rare insight into her private world.

Gaga’s most powerful anthems have been those that speak directly to our current times; from a song about sexual assault to an affirmation of women’s strength. Her songs reflect upon our turbulent world and demonstrate the courage it takes to stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours.

Her most powerful songs are those that urge for revolution. Her mantra “We are not our parents’ kids” serves as a stark reminder that we possess the power to transform ourselves and our world for the better. We are the VOICE OF A GENERATION and we’re here to lead the charge.


Singers, actresses, songwriters or anyone with a voice should take good care of their vocal health. Avoid smoking, drinking or shouting and speak in an organic and balanced way when conversing with others.

Your voice is a wonderful gift and should be celebrated for its distinctive sound. It plays an integral role in your personality, so take good care of it so that it serves you well for years to come!

One of the best ways to celebrate your voice is by working on technique. This skill can be learned and perfected with guidance from an experienced voice teacher.

Start by strengthening the diaphragm, the muscle that connects to your lungs and helps you control air release. The more control you have over this muscle, the stronger and clearer your voice will sound.

Another way to strengthen your voice is by letting go of tension in the mouth and jaw. For many singers, especially in higher registers, jaw tension can be a major source of difficulty. Lady Gaga’s signature style relies on letting her jaw hang loose and not tightening it too much.

Though it may seem intimidating at first, singing can be an excellent way to build strength in your vocal chords. Once you get the hang of it, your voice will sound incredible and performances much smoother.

Strengthening your vocal cords with breathing exercises will also enable you to create a beautiful melody with your voice. The more control you have over your breathing, the better able you will be at producing different resonances for each note you sing.

Finally, singing is an excellent way to keep your body healthy! Singing releases oxygen into your lungs which is beneficial for overall wellness. Hydrating your lungs is key for maintaining good vocal health; so be sure to drink plenty of water each day!


Individuality is that quality that sets you apart from others. It consists of your unique qualities, talents and gifts which can serve as motivation to develop yourself further. Your unique interests, views, hopes and dreams shape who you are as an individual.

Individuality can motivate someone to strive towards their own ambitions and reach for their goals. Furthermore, they may feel happier in their own skin and more secure about themselves.

Parents can help their children appreciate and develop their unique interests and hobbies. Furthermore, they should encourage them to discuss their aspirations and goals with them, helping them set realistic targets that will ultimately bring them joy in the long run.

For instance, if your child shows an interest in photography, it would be beneficial to encourage them to learn more and participate in competitions. Doing this allows them to showcase their skills and talents to others while making the most of their individuality.

Another way to celebrate individuality is by letting your kids choose their clothes or decorate their rooms and belongings. This will give them the freedom to express themselves creatively and might even teach them that others may differ from them.

Though it may seem like a no brainer, many parents forget to consider this important factor when dressing their child for school. If parents want their child not to feel self-conscious about their appearance, ask them to wear their favorite outfit and let them choose which jewellery goes with it.

Finally, it may be beneficial for parents to discuss with their child about their sexuality and gender identity, as this can make them feel more at ease in themselves. Furthermore, discussing ways in which to celebrate one’s uniqueness as well as helping other people celebrate theirs would be a great idea.


Lady Gaga evokes images of a daring artist with her signature bow tie, fiery brassiere, and electrifying music performances. For decades now, the pop star has been dominating international stages with her daring costumes, daring imagery, and captivating performances.

She is more than a famous singer; she’s an artist who strives to challenge traditional notions of beauty and self-expression by pushing boundaries, challenging perceptions and encouraging inclusivity. Through her voice she has championed mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights, winning over an army of fans who refer to themselves as ‘Little Monsters’.

Her career took off with the release of her debut album ‘The Fame’ in 2008, reinvigorating the pop scene with its quirky outfits and catchy dance hits. She continued to expand upon this success with ‘Born This Way’ (2011) – which went on to become her highest-selling record and marked a landmark moment for queer dancefloor anthems, iconic visuals and boundary-pushing live shows.

Born This Way was more than just a pop album; it also broke down barriers between musical genres, integrating elements of religion and feminism to foster an inclusive world. Its lead single, “Born This Way,” marked an important step forward in LGBT equality by highlighting the struggle for same-sex marriage and introducing the LGBTQ+ community to an entirely new audience.

Gaga’s fashion aesthetic serves as a constant reminder of the value of being your best self. Her outfits challenge the idea that you have to fit into an existing ‘box’ which limits ideas and personality; she has said, “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”

Many consider her an icon, not only of the music industry but of all entertainment. Her iconic looks – including her bow tie hair and fire-shooting brassiere – have become part of our culture.

Lady Gaga stars as a woman struggling with her appearance in ‘A Star is Born’. As the character begins to lose confidence in herself, Lady Gaga alters her appearance accordingly.

Her character begins to dye her hair red and add layers of makeup, which is an extreme departure from how she began. It’s essential to remember that Gaga isn’t alone in pushing boundaries and challenging traditional ideas; so it should come as no surprise that Cooper’s character wants to maintain her authenticity.

Lady Gaga and Dom Perignon Create a Limited-Edition Champagne

Lady Gaga and Dom Perignon have joined forces for a limited-edition Champagne. Proceeds from this collaboration will benefit Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

This spring, Lady Gaga launched a partnership with Universal Pictures called “The Queendom,” featuring both a film and sculpture designed by her. Now the two-year project has reached its first major milestone with limited-edition bottles and packaging featuring her imaginative artwork inspired by her love of experimentation.

Dom Perignon

Lady Gaga and renowned Champagne house Dom Perignon have joined forces to create an artistic project that is both a snack food sensation and limited-edition champagne. Recently, Gaga made her first major move into snack food industry with bright pink Chromatica Oreos that matched her new song “Free Woman.” Now she’s back again, joining forces with Moet & Chandon for another collaboration which sees Gaga serving as new face of limited-edition Dom Perignon bottles.

This Spring, the iconic brand’s campaign launched with a short film directed by British fashion photographer Nick Knight and soundtracked by Lady Gaga’s new album Chromatica track “Free Woman.” Additionally, there is an exclusive bottle series designed by Lady Gaga as well as sculpture designed by her collaborator Nicola Formichetti which serves as its centrepiece – a limited-edition veil-shaped sculpture that encases a majestic jeroboam of Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2005 created by Lady Gaga in collaboration with creative director Nicola Formichetti.

Dom Perignon x Lady Gaga is the latest addition to their creative project portfolio, celebrating both their legendary winemaking history and pop star’s flair for experimentation. This collaboration marks a new chapter in Dom Perignon’s evolution as an innovative Champagne house; further explorations will take place over the course of two years.

Gaga teased an upcoming film through an Instagram post on March 31. The collaboration between herself and artist Nick Knight will be released on April 6th and features Gaga holding a 2006 vintage sparkling rose in a deep purple bottle.

According to a Dom Perignon representative, limited-edition bottles will be released in the coming months and can be purchased through private sales at flagship locations worldwide. With each purchase, profits are donated to singer-songwriter’s Born This Way Foundation which promotes mental health awareness and strives for an even kinder world.

The 2012 is a firm and vibrant Champagne with an intense, focused palate and captivating bouquet of fruit (lime, tangerine and kumquat), herbs, liquorice and menthol. It’s full-bodied with high acidity and richness that will age well.


Lady Gaga is an inspiring leader, pioneer of a new music genre and star of the big screen. She also lends her voice to fight against Covid-19 pandemic through her Born This Way Foundation which promotes young people’s mental health while creating a kinder and braver world.

For her latest artistic collaboration with Dom Perignon, Gaga is teaming up with fashion photographer Nick Knight to build out the brand’s aesthetic through a film and limited-edition champagne bottles. In the surreal film, Gaga stars as Queen Gaga accompanied by the legendary champagne house.

The film invites fans into Knight’s “Queendom,” a creative universe filled with breathtaking exuberance and refined detail. Here, the iconic singer is surrounded by vibrant imagery and stirring music.

This artistic collaboration marks the start of many collaborations between Dom Perignon and Lady Gaga over the next two years as they continue to collaborate on new projects. Each endeavor brings their vivacious energies together in celebration of creative freedom, an urge to share and be shared, a drive that opens up new horizons.

Gaga was inspired by Dom Perignon’s vibrant rose vintages when researching their history, and joined forces with Formichetti to create the sculpture that now houses a jeroboam of Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2006. The iridescent design resembles a magnetic dress and captures all of its majestic beauty – perfect for an iconic piece in any collection!

110 sculptures have been produced and will be sold privately to benefit the Born This Way Foundation, founded by Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta. 100% of the proceeds from these sales will be donated to this cause – supporting mental health in young people while creating a kinder and braver world for everyone.

As part of their limited-edition sculpture, Dom Perignon will donate $570,000 to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Founded in 2011, this charity works to promote mental health among youth and create a kinder, braver world. They will receive their full donation on November 13th – World Kindness Day!


Lady Gaga isn’t one to follow the rules, so it’s no surprise she’s joined forces with Dom Perignon to celebrate creative freedom. According to People magazine, she revealed the news via an Instagram video and teases an upcoming film debuting April 6.

For this campaign, the multi-hyphenate artist enlisted Haus of Gaga collaborators for a conceptual shoot shot by Nick Knight. In it, Gaga channeled her inner empress as she donned luxurious metallic rose-colored gowns set to an imaginative remix of Free Woman from her 2020 album Chromatica.

The video, which has been featured by multiple media outlets, also includes striking photographs. The kaleidoscope-like visuals and dramatic score scream Gaga with a touch of Versailles.

Gaga became acquainted with the House’s history and commitment to an ageless aesthetic ideal. Established in 17th-century France by Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Perignon, it earned a place at Louis XIV’s court in Versailles where its champagne is still produced today. The House upholds this mission through unyielding dedication and pursuit of an uncompromising aesthetic ideal which is evident in every vintage produced.

To realize their surrealist vision, pop star Katy Perry joined fashion photographer Nick Knight to create a minute-long short film that takes viewers into an enchanting universe. Dubbed “The Queendom,” the visual experiment captures the atmosphere of Versailles while also showcasing their new rose champagne.

Gaga holds a 2006 vintage sparkling rose in her hands as she gazes into the camera in an surreal gown that sways and swirls. She accessorizes her hair with a half-crescent headdress, while the dress cut into a lace-like pattern that mimics a flowing skirt. Frederic Aspiras worked closely with Gaga to create this look.

To complete her stunning campaign, the singer designed and created a sculpture featuring an exclusive jeroboam of Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2006. This limited-edition jeroboam will be sold with all profits going towards supporting mental health initiatives for at-risk young people through Born This Way Foundation’s initiatives.

Limited Edition

Dom Perignon and Lady Gaga have joined forces to launch a limited-edition bottle collection that showcases both their wines and pop star attributes. The LVMH-owned champagne house and pop princess released an incredibly rare 2010 brut and Rose vintage necklace for women (those in the know), an impressive yet pricey ring for guys (also in the know), as well as an eye-catching pendant complete with diamonds.

The latest release from Harrods and Clos 19 in London, offers a sleek design featuring multiple champagne motifes in one sleek package. It boasts stunning iridescent effects reminiscent of diamond mining in the sky that will surely make any connoisseur of wine sparkle with delight.

The best part is that all profits from these special bottles will be donated to the Born This Way Foundation, a charity committed to supporting mental health for young people and inspiring them to be kind, braver adults. It’s part of their ongoing collaboration which began in April this year and will continue over the next two years with further explorations of their collaborative creativity. Innovation and ingenuity are key in this game – this latest release is certainly indicative of what’s to come.

lady gaga fame perfume

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review

Lady Gaga has released her debut perfume, Fame. While it may be a big, splashy, and ultimately unremarkable aroma, it isn’t without its charms.

Fame, released in August 2012, features three main accords: dark, sensual and light. The dark accord is inspired by the poisonous flower Belladonna and includes incense. On the other hand, the sensual accord consists of honey drops, saffron and apricot notes.


Lady Gaga’s boldly designed fragrance, Fame, is available through Haus Laboratories and Coty. Fame is an inky black eau de parfum that sprays clear; not the only technological marvel in this 3.4 oz elixir!

Richard Herpin of Firmenich created this fragrance with three main accords: dark, sensual and light. The dark was inspired by the deadly nightshade Belladonna, evolving into a sensual wave of honey drops and saffron with an undertone of apricot nectar. Finally, there’s the light: crushed Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac which exude timeless beauty and elegance.

Herpin’s solution to the olfactory puzzle lies in their clever combination of ingredients that emphasize different elements within each note without hierarchy. A standout feature is their “push-pull technology,” which allows the fragrance to change as ingredients interact and blend with one another.

Herpin describes this “push-pull” technique as an innovative perfume industry first: creating a complex molecule capable of altering its shape and function when exposed to air. The end result is so sophisticated, Herpin believes it could have revolutionized the fragrance industry forever.

Lady Gaga’s signature fragrance is more than a showcase of innovation; it embodies her values of female empowerment and respect for individuality. Every aspect of its design – from its bold gold detailing to the color-changing black liquid – echoes these ideals.

A perfume that’s too extravagant may be the worst thing that could happen to your budget this year, but if you like this fruity floral, then you may just have found your next fragrance obsession!


Lady Gaga is a pop star who has amassed millions of fans around the world. She is also an philanthropist and promotes kindness throughout society as well as advocating for LGBTQ rights. Additionally, Lady Gaga founded Born This Way Foundation which promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

In 2012, she released her debut perfume entitled Fame which quickly went viral. Crafted by French perfumer Herpin, the scent featured three accords created specifically for this scent.

Dose 1: Madness – This fragrance features notes of belladonna, saffron and incense.

Dose 2: Pleasure – The aroma features honey and apricot nectar.
Dose 3: Glory – A floral combination featuring jasmine and orchid notes.

This sweet floral has creamy top notes and a powdery base with touches of violet and apricot. Although the base claims to have an undertone of black incense, this isn’t evident in the scent.

To promote the perfume, a series of provocative commercials were released. One depicted Lady Gaga nude and masked being climb on by tiny men wearing latex.

There is also a scientific, French language advertisement that showcases the inner workings of Haus Laboratories, where this fiery beverage is created. The film displays all of the gears and levers necessary for producing this fragrance.

At the launch of Fame, Coty held parties at various locations which were filmed and broadcast live on Little Monsters. There was also a pop-up store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district which recreated Haus Laboratories with shirtless male testers of the fragrance.

In 2013, Gaga discontinued her Fame perfume. In 2014, she released Eau De Gaga as a unisex version of the scent that bears many similarities to the original but is more wearable due to being more concentrated – lasting longer and making it suitable for year-round wear. Plus, at less cost than its predecessor, this new fragrance offers greater value than its predecessor did.


Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume is the first black Eau de Parfum to hit the market. This reportedly groundbreaking scent utilizes “push-pull technology,” allowing the fragrance to transform when applied on skin, creating an aroma that not only stands out, but also intrigues testers.

Alberto Herpin created this fragrance with three main accords: a dark, sensual and light one. The dark accord was inspired by Belladonna – the deadly nightshade haunted beauties since the 18th century. This was followed by an infusion of dripping honey, saffron, apricot nectar along with crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac.

Herpin also created a unique olfactory structure for Fame, which he describes as: “Typically you have three notes: the top, middle and back note. But in Fame everything happens simultaneously.”

He explains that the first accord is “most complex” due to ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane. Meanwhile, the second one is “most exciting” with high percentages of pure saffron and apricot nectar, while the last one contains crushed tiger orchid and jasmine.

The perfume also features other delightful aromas. Nick Knight designed the bottle, while Steven Klein photographed and directed the ad campaign.

Gaga has collaborated on several perfumes, including Valentino’s Floral Woods in 2014. This fragrance features Italian bergamot and orange blossom notes.

Gaga joined forces with several fashion industry legends for this fragrance, designing the bottle alongside Nick Knight, shooting an ad campaign directed by Steven Klein and crafting the perfume itself at SGD Factory in Mers-les-Bains, France.

On June 15th in Melbourne, Australia, Haus Laboratories hosted a media launch party to introduce the scent. There were shirtless men testing out the perfume at this location as well as an outdoor bath tub and black food inspired by the Fame campaign.

Scent profile

Lady Gaga is no exception; her first fragrance, Fame, was released in 2012 and it remains a fan favorite to this day.

Fame is composed of three main accords. The dark one includes poisonous flower Belladonna, which evolves into an opulent blend of honey drops, saffron and apricot nectar.

After that comes a light accord composed of crushed tiger orchid and jasmine sambac for timeless beauty. Finally, we are left with just enough vanilla for comforting comfort.

Fame stands out from traditional perfumes with its novel olfactory structure. Instead of having a pyramid with top, middle and base notes, it utilizes push/pull technology that allows each ingredient to stand out against the others for an entirely new scent when worn on skin.

She created this fragrance with artists at her Haus laboratories and Coty, the perfumers behind stars like Beyonce and Kylie Minogue. According to Coty, their technology “surpasses all norms and standards in the industry.”

This blend consists of 3 doses – madness, pleasure and glory. Dose 1 includes poisonous belladonna flower combined with incense to form the ‘dark heart’ of fame; Dose 2 features pulverised apricot and honey drops; while Dose 3 features creamy jasmine and orchid essence.

Herpin wanted to use ingredients that would be unique to Belladonna, while also steering away from the typical sweet smells associated with celebrity perfumes. He elaborated, “Belladonna has a slightly fruity but not overly sweet scent – it smells very much like skin.”

Herpin describes the 12 hour vanilla as “not your typical sweet; more like creamy smelling sludge.” Finally, Herpin adds that light notes of crushed tiger orchid and jasmine are “very feminine.”

Herpin describes Fame as having a subtle sweetness – not the sickly sweetness found in many celebuscent products. He went on to explain that the combination of saffron and honey creates something reminiscent of skin, making this his first time using these ingredients together.

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